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Customers rely on us to help select components, design complex systems, to manufacture, install, and maintain machinery and equipment. We offer our best advice through our blogs.

THG Corporation

The Hope Group is an authorized full-line Parker distributor featuring hydraulic, pneumatic, fluid connector, and sealing products for OEM and MRO applications.

Sorensen Systems is a designer/builder of custom systems providing clean water, renewable energy sources, and technologically advanced process systems for industry.

Hope Air Systems is an authorized distributor for Kaeser Compressor featuring energy efficient rotary screw compressors as well as a designer/builder of skid-mounted packaged compressed air systems.

Hope Service can dispatch its field service fleet of vehicles and experienced, factory-trained technicians to provide emergency and routine field service to its hydraulic, electrical, and compressed air systems customers.

The Hope Group owns and operates seven Parker Stores at its branch locations providing "while you wait" replacement of hose assemblies and immediate on-hand access to 3,000 Parker fluid connector parts.

The Hope Group provides 24 hour access to $150 million of Parker parts through its eCommerce website,, offering one or two-day shipping of all your hose & fittings, hydraulic, pneumatic, valve, and filtration needs.

iPower Distribution Group of New England provides supply chain consulting and implementation through streamlined procure-to-pay process, vendor managed inventory (VMI), Kanban, and in-plant buyer-planner services.



About THG

THG Corporation
Mission Statement

Established in 1933, THG Corporation is a privately-held, ISO 9001-2008 certified, Northeast-based distributor of motion and process control components and engineered systems.

Together with our strategic suppliers we partner closely with our customers to establish a consultative approach to the development of optimal solutions for their hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic, and compressed air systems and service requirements.

Utilizing Lean driven processes in support of our core technical competencies along with trust, integrity and operational excellence we foster a positive business environment for our customers, supply chain partners and our employees.


THG Corporation is Dedicated to Providing
Motion and Control Solutions and Components

Every day the employees of THG Corporation and its subsidiaries, The Hope Group, Hope Air Systems, and Sorensen Systems, take pride in producing high quality, environmentally sensitive, and cost-efficient industrial motion and control systems and solutions for use in America and around the world. Our mission is to provide defect-free products and services on time, in accordance with our customer's requirements.

Who We Are

Our 130 employees are hard at work in nine locations—stretching from Connecticut to Maine—in New England serving customers from the industrial park next door and the hydro-electric power station in foreign countries. Our global reach means we have a positive impact on people's lives throughout the world. Our engineers, technicians, and sales and service specialists have vast experience and technical capabilities supported by our affiliation as an authorized full-line Parker Distributor and Technology Center for Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Mobile Hydraulics, and Connectors.

Where We Are

For the past eight decades, THG Corporation has been at the forefront of an evolving New England and Global marketplace. At one time, the sand & gravel pit, the pulp & paper mill, and the heavy metal foundry were important customers for us. As times changed, they were superseded by the injection molding firms, the industrial tool manufacturer, and general manufacturing companies. Today, our focus is on semiconductor, bio-technology, medical device manufacturing, power generation, alternative energy systems, and other evolving high-tech industries. Our ability to meet the changing demands of local and global manufacturing has kept us at the forefront.

From our 60,000 square foot facility in Northborough MA, to our eight Parker Store locations from Maine to Connecticut, we are prepared to use our core competencies in hydraulics, pneumatics, automation, fluid connectors, fluid controls, seals and electronics to design, build and install motion and control systems for a wide variety of industries.

Where We Are Going

A quick review of our Top 200 customers 20 years ago reveals that none of them is a Top 200 customer today. They have evolved into new enterprises, they have moved to other regions of the country and the world, they faded from the scene as technology changed and their product or service was replaced by others. In this context, the THG Corporation aggressively changed its role as an industrial supplier to match the evolving requirements of the New England and Global marketplace.

While the plastic injection molding industry has diminished, other new industries such as medical device manufacture and alternative energy start-ups have emerged. Today, we are focused on the emerging industrial sectors that include power generation, life sciences, semiconductor, defense, bio-pharmaceutical, and other high tech industries.


Who We Are
The employees of THG Corporation operate from nine locations in New England providing industrial products and custom built motion and control machines for use by manufacturers in the region and around the world. We represent major brands including Parker, Kaeser, GE, WAGO and many others.


Where We Are
The headquarters for THG Corporation is located in Northborough MA, at the intersection of Rt 290 and Rt 495. It also operates branch locations in Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine. For customers seeking immediate repair of damaged hydraulic hose assemblies, we operate seven Parker Stores in four New England states.


Where We Are Going
For over 80 years, THG Corporation and its subsidiaries have been providing the systems, components and repair services required by our OEM and MRO customers throughout New England. Looking ahead, our growth strategy is focused on emerging industrial opportunities in power generation, life sciences, defense, semiconductor, food & beverage, and pharmaceutical manufacturers.



THG Corporation
70 Bearfoot Road
Northborough, MA 01532

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